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Local bank makes major contribution to BPCC Foundation - KTAL

The Sands of Time — Dec. 13 - Scottsbluff Star Herald

A look back at events and occurrences published in past editions of the Hemingford Ledger. 


The wooden elevator... Which burned down in Hemingford last Thursday morning, has been part of Farmer’s Co-op since 1981, though Co-op never used the elevator. According to the book “Old Time Grain Elevators,” by Bruce and Barbara Selyem, the elevator was built in 1931 for Hemingford Grain & Oil Co. who sold it to William Hagemeister and his three sons – Lee, Dean and Bruce, in 1939. Bruce operated the elevator until 1975 before selling the facility to Cargill.

Obits: Raymond E. Rohrbouck age 85, Margaret G. Sandberg age 94, Albert Fredrick Seebohm age 82


Manion named Chairman; Hollinrake, Elder sworn in... The Hemingford Board of Trustees meeting started off with Chairman Rick Deans asking newly elected trustees Matha Hollinrake and Jem Elder to present themselves and read their oaths of office. Immediately following, Deans adjourned the meeting to allow himself and fellow trustee Sheron Dannar to step down, ending several terms in office between the two of them. Chairman pro-tem, Tom Manion then re-convened the meeting and was promptly elected as chairman for 1999 by unanimous vote. Jim Parkin was named vice-chairman.

Obits: Eva Schledewitz age 95, Lucille Meade Dyer age 75, Harold “Smokey” Jines age 64.


Christmas Cantata choir set to... Perform under the direction of Sue Shaver include (l-r) front—Bev Crownover, Sue Shaver, Sally Dyer, Lisa Haas; 2nd row—Shelly Smaha, Susie Cheeks, Sonja Shaver, Theresa Elliott, Brenda Rouse, Alice Danbom, Sheri Reyes, Jeanne Schmitt, Jac-Lyn Swanson, Carolee King; 3rd row; Marcia Wehtje, Opha Shaver, Geneice Atteberry, Donna Delsing, Bev Benda, Kathy Kincaid, Mary Hennings, Bev Hanks, Vicki Kotschwar, Karen and Sally Minich; back—Lyle Fodnes, Bob Haas, Doug Shaver, Casey Walker, Greg Elliott, Dave Darveau, Dan Smaha, Lee Messersmith, Bob Crownover, Harold Schmitt (not pictured –Rock Sumner and Brian Kuhn).

Obits: Mary Uhrig age 93, Clara Whelan age 89, Elizabeth Catherine Sherlock age 91, Deborah Davis Hartman age 38, Mary Shimek age 78.


Explosion ripped through Legion Club... In Hemingford when a regulator broke on the gas line leading into the building at the alley. Club manager Bob Ray was in the building when the explosion occurred, was thrown from the door, but not injured. HVFD Fire Chief Bob Duncan was en-route to shut off the gas when the explosion occurred and arrived shortly afterwards with several trucks immediately dispatched. Resulting damage included the collapse of half the ceiling in the club area, one furnace caught fire, fire damage in the storeroom off the furnace area and smoke damage. No estimate has yet been given.

Obits: Nolen Caldwell age 56, Frank Dufek age 62,


One new and one a building here... There’s a new business in town and another is starting some construction. The new firm is a satellite of the Roxy Theatre a large room opened off the theatre’s concession area and dubbed the Roxy Den. Farmers Union Co-op Oil Assn. Tuesday began construction of a new oil and gasoline bulk plant.

Hinchley aboard ship that won 3rd honor... Boatswain’s Mate Seaman, Dennis L. Hinchley, USN, 20, son of Mr. And Mrs. Hank Hinchley of Marsland and husband of the former Laura Yardley of Hemingford is serving aboard the attach aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga, at Long Beach, CA. His ship has won its third Navy Unit Commendation. The award was for action during its fourth combat cruise with the Seventh Fleet off the coast of Vietnam.


Hemmed in at the Apex... Of this inverted “V” angle by the new Hemingford Chamber of Commerce directors is Pres. Allison Johnson, leading support, from left are Vice President, George Smith, Glenn Shetler, Wayne Shaver, Charles Fentress, Don Hansen and Lyle Speer.

Obits: Mrs. Elizabeth Tibbitts age 78,


Safety Council Urges More Driver Control... The 1949 session of the Nebraska Legislature will be urged to strengthen the State’s driver licensing laws. This recommendation came from the Third Annual Traffic Safety Conference held in Lincoln.

Police Court Reports Very Little “Business”... Intoxication is still the largest contributor to the coffers at the local police court. Though a considerable decline of cases is recorded for November from that of October, five of the nice sessions of court brought up intoxication charges.

Obits: Hannah E. Abbott age 77, Mrs. Wesley Furman age 33 years, 9 months, 28 days.


Nebraska Women Carry Tax Fight to 29 Communities... Turning from household tasks to household taxes, women in 29 Nebraska communities have joined a crusade against “unnecessary taxes that increase the cost of living,” the National Consumers Tax Commission announced today. Forming NCTC units, the women are seeking to inform the public about taxes and to combat “those taxes, particularly hidden ones, that do not return the community I proportion to what they take out,” according to the announcement.


Crawford Mill Burned Down... The Crawford mill burned to the ground Monday night with a loss estimated at more than $25,000.00 above the amount of insurance. Just how the fire started in unknown. D.J. Toomy, the owner had just completed this fall, improvements on the mill totaling about $15,000.

Farmers Bank Buys Citizens …. A great many people were greatly surprised to know that the Citizens National Bank is no more. It has been purchased by the Farmers Bank. Both banks are in the best financial condition, and it is not thru any weakness in either bank that the merger has taken place.

Obits: C.J. Peterson age 86.


Car of Potatoes to Omaha... The car load of potatoes, donated by Hemingford to the poor of Omaha, has been duly received. The potatoes were donated by people of this vicinity and consigned from Mayor Alex Muirhead of Hemingford to Mayor Ed. S. Smith of Omaha.


making a difference - Northside Sun

Steady paycheck leads sam fant to Madison county bank president position

When Sam Fant got his first job in banking, like most recent college graduates, he was simply looking for a steady paycheck.

Fifteen years later, Fant is still in the banking business, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“Looking back now, it doesn’t seem like it took very long for that job to turn out to be a career, and not just a career, but something that’s always changing, is challenging in a good way, and something I greatly enjoy doing.”

Fant was recently named Madison County Market President of Citizens National Bank.

The promotion is one of a string of awards and honors picked up by the Rankin County resident, who also was recently named a Top 10 Under 40 by the Madison the City Chamber of Commerce. In 2011, he was named “Volunteer of the Year” for Madison city chamber. Fant also served as the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership Leads Group president in 2011 and 2012.

Honors aside, Fant said the best part of his job is knowing he’s making a difference in the community, in large part, by helping secure financing for his clients as a commercial lender.   

“Not to sound too cheesy, but when you drive down the street and see a building that’s completed or a new business that’s opened up or renovated, and you know you had a little part in it, it’s a good feeling,” he said. “That’s probably one of the most rewarding parts of the job.”

Fant is a 1999 graduate of Clinton High School and a 2003 graduate of Mississippi College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems, with a minor in business.

He also attended Hinds Community College. Fant and his wife Somerlea have one son, Patrick, and two dogs, Rocky and Chief.

“I was attending a jobs fair on campus and wound up going to a lot of different booths, as many people do. At that time, the computer industry had gone down a bit and I saw a gentleman in front of me who looked to be 20 years my senior with a lot of experience, and I wound up at a booth for another bank in town,” Fant said. “they offered me a job and I accepted it.

“I started a week before I graduated. I kind of stumbled into it.”

Fant joined Citizens National in August 2008. He served as a “relationship banker,” or commercial lender and six years as manager of the bank’s Madison Banking Centre, before being named Madison County president.

“I still act as a commercial lender. I still manage the customer relationships I’ve formed over the last few years. Now, some of my focus has shifted to look at the Madison County market as a whole, which consists of two offices – one on Grandview Boulevard and one at the corner of Pear Orchard and Northpark Drive,” he said.

Madison County has two Citizens National branches, which employ 15 or so employees.

In his relatively brief career, Fant has seen the ups and downs of the banking industry, from the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009 to the county’s explosive commercial and residential growth during and after the economic recovery.

“Over the past several years, there has been a tremendous amount of activity,” he said. “We see a continuation of that growth and expansion today.”

In addition to weathering changes in the economy, Fant also has to stay up to date on changes in governmental policies and new technologies, both of which are transforming the banking business.

“If you had asked me when I was a kid in school if I wanted to be banker, I would have said that sounds boring,” he said. “Every day is different and it constantly changes. You can’t sit back and say, ‘I know what happened last year. If I follow that same game plan, next year will be great.’”

Fant said Citizens National works to stay up on new policies, offering regular training, and has a crack information technology team that stays up on all the current tech trends in banking.

“Pretty much anything a larger bank has, we have,” he said. “All the changes in the technology world, as far as apps and mobile banking and remote capture machines – all of that we have available.”

Remote capture allows patrons to take photos of their checks and deposit them without having to present the physical check at a bank branch.

“We make sure that we’re not going to be left behind and stay on the front-end of any emerging technologies,” he said.

Fant doesn’t expect the number of brick and mortar locations to grow, nor does he expect physical branches to disappear altogether.

“I know a lot of people who say, ‘I don’t have to go to the bank anymore,’” he said. “At the same time, especially on the commercial side, most of the customers we have prefer to have somebody they can call if they need something.

“They can’t imagine trying to do business with a company that doesn’t have one person they know and trust and can contact to get (things) done,” he said. “We see fewer people coming into banks, but that personal touch is still drastically needed.”

Citizens National has 26 bank branches in Mississippi, and $1.4 billion in bank assets.


WVHS donation - Cleveland Daily Banner

Southern Heritage Bank and Walker Valley High School presented a check for $1,750 to The Caring Place. The Walker Valley Honor Society raised the money (and canned goods) for the “Cleveland Helping Cleveland” Food Drive recently. “We are so blessed by the partnership with Southern Heritage, and the willingness of our community to meet the needs of their neighbors,” said Caring Place Executive Director Corinne Freeman. “We are always impressed by the generosity of our schools during the food drive, and especially the Walker Valley National Honor Society for raising this amount of cash donations,” added Lee Stewart, SHB East Region president. On hand for the presentation were Lucy True and Mary Beth Canida, WVHS NHS officers; Freeman, Lee Stewart, SHB East Region president; Sherry Everett and Lindsey McChesney, WVHS NHS sponsors; and Anna Grace Jackson, WVHS NHS officer. Southern Heritage Bank is a Division of First Citizens National Bank.


Corrected: Civil Cases for the Month of October | FCT News - Freestonecountytimesonline

NOTE:  Civil Cases that were published in the November 7, 2018 edition of The “Times” showing the month of October 2018 were actually cases from October 2017.
The correct October 2018 Civil Cases are as follows:

There were 3 ‘In the Interest of’ cases for the Month of October 2018. Other civil cases are as follows:
–Crystal Ann Devillier vs. Evan Coulon Devillier
–Jill Jacobs Robinson vs. Wesley Allan Robinson
–Michael Stratton vs. Ashley Stratton
–Cedrick Lynn Busby and Quincy Charles Evans, Jr. vs. Jennifer Denise Evans
–Jimmy Dales Owens vs. Severina Zepeda
–Bayview Loan Servicing LLC vs. Kelli R Lee and Ronald Lee
–Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Jennifer M Clifton
–Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. Kelley Olivarez
–Discover Bank vs. Jared S Parton
–Discover Bank vs. Ginnie K Smith
–Discover Bank vs. Tambra L Dazey
–Discover Bank vs. Thomas S Ashford
–Wells Fargo Bank vs. Shelby L Ryan
–Citizens National Bank vs. Richard A Senter
–Citizens State Bank Teague vs. William Clinton Scruggs and Melissa A Scruggs
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Julio Ramirez et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Kristi Harris
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Larry Terrell, et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Carl Cagel, Jr.
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Leroy R Messier, et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Blinda Myers
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Brenda C Willis
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Laurie Kristen Hippel
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Victoria Grice
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Tracy Padgett, et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Stephen E Kolle, et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Katie Randall
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Sherri Posey
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Marion T Robbins, et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Howard E Holleman
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Verlinda Collins, et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Cicero Watts, Jr., et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Oscar Brown, et al
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. Kalpanna Patel
–The County of Freestone, TX vs. JW Johnson, et al
–The State of Texas vs. Davean Brookins et al


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New Chamber president to “focus on commerce” - Journal-Times

Mitzie Heaberlin is taking an optimistically cautious approach in her new role as president of the Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce.

“I can't talk too prematurely. We are still in the planning period. My goal is to focus on commerce. I do have a great board of directors and executive committee,” said Hearberlin, who came to work in Grayson 16 years ago at Classic Bank, followed by six years at Citizens National Bank, and her current job at Commercial Bank of Grayson.

Longstanding Chamber events including Memory Days and the annual Christmas Parade will continue to be under Heaberlin's supervision. Attention to existing businesses, as well as working to bring new business to Grayson, will be a renewed priority, she said.

“Commerce is in our name,” Heaberlin said with a smile. “We want to build and support existing business and members. We are here to support our members.”

Formation of committees and subcommittees to address Chamber members' issues and concerns will likely begin after January's board meeting, Heaberlin notes.

A native of Greenup County where she grew up in the Warnock community, Heaberlin is a member of the Greenup County High School Class of 2001. She and husband, Ben, have two children, Connor, 8, and Jensen, 7, both of whom “are water dogs” and attend Prichard Elementary. The Heaberlins are active at Crane Creek Missionary Baptist, and they have two rescue dogs, Lucy and Sparky.

“Carter County is my home and I love Carter County. I hope my boys go to school and then come back and live in Carter County. I love the people here and it's just my home and I would love to see it do good.”


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Manny Machado plans to visit Citizens Bank Park, per source - NBCSports.com

LAS VEGAS — Don't hold your breath on the Phillies landing All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto.

Sure, the Phillies like the Miami Marlins' star. Who doesn't? He will play at 28 next season and is a game-changer on both sides of the ball. He's also two years away from free agency.

And, yes, sources confirm that the Phils have had trade discussions with the Marlins involving Realmuto.

But a person with direct knowledge of those discussions said a deal was unlikely.

"They don't have enough," the person said, referring to the quality of major league-ready prospects that the Phillies could offer compared to other clubs that are interested in Realmuto.

Phillies general manager Matt Klentak likes his current catching tandem of Jorge Alfaro and Andrew Knapp, but he did not shoot down the possibility of an upgrade.

"As an organization, we're high on both Alfaro and Knapp for different reasons, different skill sets," Klentak said at the winter meetings Tuesday. "But if there's an opportunity for us to get better, we'll consider that."

Klentak was asked about reports involving Realmuto in particular.

"If you see rumors connecting us to good players either through free agency or trades, they're probably true," Klentak said. "That doesn't mean we're going to do them but we're in the business of trying to get better. If we can add really good players then we're going to try and do it. I'm not going to refute that we have interest in the top trade targets but I don't know if it will happen."

It is highly likely that the Phillies will add catching depth in the coming weeks. That could come with the signing of a backup-type to a minor-league deal. Otherwise, the 25-year-old Alfaro is going to get the bulk of the reps behind the plate.

"I think what Jorge showed last year was incredible growth for a first-year catcher both on the offensive side and the defensive side," Klentak said. "He cut his strikeout rate every month of the year. His receiving and his framing went from being not great to very good in one year. Obviously, he became more familiar with our pitching staff and how they prepare. So we absolutely think Jorge can and will be our frontline guy."

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