Friday, January 4, 2019

Billy Joel returns to Citizens Bank Park for the sixth year - MLB.com

When most people think of Billy Joel, they associate him with New York, and rightfully so. The pianist was born in the Bronx and his hit song "Piano Man" became the anthem of the Mets' run to the 2015 World Series

But, when it comes to playing at ballparks, Joel is all Philadelphia. On Thursday, the Phillies announced that he would perform at Citizens Bank Park on May 24, marking the sixth consecutive year he'll play the venue.

Last year, the team commemorated the event by signing Joel to a ceremonial contract. This year, he'll be getting a key to the park -- presumably so he can swing by and rock out whenever the feeling strikes him.


We can only hope Ben Revere will show up on May 24 to get his groove on right alongside Joel:


Make it happen, Phillies!

Eric Chesterton is writer for Cut4. He particularly enjoys bunts against the shift, stolen bases and celebrating his birthday with mascots at the ballpark.


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